ORIGIN: ANT Foundation Italy Onlus has assisted nearly 120,000 cancer patients since 1985, completely free of charge. Today 3,500 patients are assisted at home every day in ten Italian regions by 20 teams of ANT health professionals who ensure the patient and their family all the necessary hospital-type care and social assistance. Since 2004, through the specific project “Kids in ANT” ANT has assisted approximately 400 children/teenagers in the provinces of Bari, Bologna, Brindisi, Florence, Lecce, Naples, Taranto.

OBJECTIVE: Kids in ANT objective is to give a home care service (run by specialist doctors and psychologists) that meets the needs of the sick child, guaranteeing the little patient and their family with a professional medical and psychological support that is completely free of charge and available at any time, even at night and over public holidays if needed.

FORMAT: To guarantee a free and complementary service to the hospital assistance (hospitalization in the early stages of the disease and under certain circumstances remains indispensable) that allows sick children to receive the most appropriate and effective care while remaining in the warmth of their own home close to their family. ANT professionals are adequately and consistently trained, both clinically and relationally, socially and psychologically.


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