L’ARCO Recovery

L’ARCO-Corrispondenze per la recovery is an NPO established in May 2017. It was formed by people from different backgrounds interested in promoting Mental Health.

The association bases its activities on three fundamental factors:

1.Orientation towards recovery. Managing your own recovery can be interpreted as a process of restoration, starting over, healing, but above all it means taking your life back, taking charge of yourself and your goals in order to be and feel involved, useful and worthy of respect, even while you have symptoms and continue to need treatment. Hope, control and opportunity are the building blocks of recovery.

2.“Peer” activities alongside healthcare professionals. “Peers” are people who have had experience with mental illness and who, because of their knowledge, attitude and practical training, collaborate with professionals through a special contribution, based on their experience.

3.Co-design and Co-construction. Activities are participatory, even for those who turn to L’ARCO.

The CORRISPONDENZE project is an opportunity to support patients with psychiatric disorders on their road to recovery. This project is available to help supplement and support what a person is already doing for their own recovery. CORRISPONDENZE activities are not therapeutic in nature. They are focused more on learning experiences, connecting with Peers, cooperation, and co-production.

The project proposes different pathways based on the experiences and needs of the individual.


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