ORIGIN: Social development association Mozart14 was founded and developed as a continuation of the social and educational projects conceived by its founder Maestro Claudio Abbado, according to his belief that: “music is necessary to live; it can change it, improve it, and in some cases even save it”.

AIM: The aim is to use the scientific discipline of music-therapy as a tool to relieve the suffering caused by physical and psychological conditions, distressing situations and personal difficulties.

SCOPE: A music-based social integration project aimed at children and adolescents with cognitive and physical disabilities (Cherubino Project) and for inmates at the Penale Minorile del Pratello Young Offenders Institute (Leporello Project).


Cherubino Project: Cherubino is a choral singing workshop designed to introduce and teach music to children and teenagers. It is open to singers with physical and cognitive disorders, including deaf children and children with Down’s Syndrome. Through the Cherubino project, music and song become an opportunity for personal emancipation and interaction with other children of the same age, helping children to discover new ways of socialising and raising self-esteem. Cherubino was created thanks to a partnership with the Bologna Health Authority – Neuropsychiatry Service for Children and Adolescents of the Department of Mental Health, the Genitori Ragazzi Down (GRD) Association to support parents with children with Down Syndrome and the Gualandi Foundation for the deaf in Bologna.

Leporello Project: Rebellion, fear, rage, then dreams, hope, love and fantasies. All these highly expressive young sentiments are given words and notes to become songs thanks to music and songwriting workshops conducted by Leporello music-therapists with children detained at the Young Offenders Institute. Thanks to Leporello, the enthusiasm and passion for music that is so characteristic of young people becomes a valid vehicle for the free and creative expression of a difficult and painful event. There are those who arrive and those who leave the detention centre. There are those who come back, and those who are never seen again. Somewhere, a whistled tune will tell of this transition, sounds and voices recounting the passage of life and growing up.

DURATION: Three year project.


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